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With over one million profitable ads currently in our database, Spy Hero offers the largest ad library out of any spy tool. Plus, Spy Hero also includes ad copy, headlines, ad creatives, landing pages, fan pages, and so much more.

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With our easy to use, highly flexible search function, you can spot winning trends in the marketplace in seconds. Maximize your profits and scaling by staying ahead of the curve.

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Between Facebook, YouTube, and Native Ads, Spy Hero offers you deep insight into the most powerful traffic sources available right now.

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The average Spy Hero user saves upwards of 2 hours per day reviewing top performing campaigns and making decisions. This free time allows you to scale harder or step back and enjoy more time off.

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Tired of paying for three different spy tools to try to get all the features you need? With Spy Hero, you have the ultimate all-in-one spy tool. Cancel all your other subscriptions and save money while accessing more features than ever before.

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Stop being a trend chaser and become the first to capitalize on key trends in the ad space. Spot key trends days, weeks, or even months before the competition and scoop up all the easy profits.

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Spy Hero collects and organizes all the most profitable campaigns currently running online and gives you the power to analyze them piece by piece.

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