Spyhero Facebook

Get in-depth insights into over 200,000 ads (and counting) promoting affiliate products on Facebook.

You can perform a search by different criteria (creative type,  niche, offer, affiliate id, min days running, etc).

For each ad,
you can see info like:

Spy Hero collects and organizes all the most profitable campaigns currently running online and gives you the power to analyze them piece by piece.

  • Headline, Copy and Creative info
  • Start date
  • How many days it has been running
  • Info about the landing page
  • Offer promoted
  • More ads using the same creative
  • Find similar creatives online
  • More ads using the same copy

Fan Pages

Over 10k Fan Pages promoting affiliate products
For each fan page, you can see:

  • How many ads have run in the past, and how many are running right now
  • Creation date
  • Domains used
  • Pixel id
  • Affiliate ids used
  • Offers promoted (in the past and right now)
  • Landing pages used
  • Ad activity in the past 30 days
  • Other pages using similar creatives
  • Other pages with the same affiliate id

Landing Pages

Over 25k Landing Pages
For each landing page you can see

  • Headline
  • Number of days it has been used
  • Offer promoted
  • Affiliate ID
  • Technology (Lander Editor, IP Address, Hosting, Pixel)
  • Other ads using this landing page
  • Other landers with the same affiliate id
  • Other landers on the same domain


Over 300+ Offers from different affiliate networks
For each offer, you can see:

  • Total ads seen
  • Total ads running right now
  • Number of fan pages promoting it
  • Number of landing pages promoting the offer
  • Top Ads promoting this offer
  • Newest Ads promoting this offer
  • Top Headlines used
  • Top Creatives used
  • Top Ad copy
  • Top Landing pages
  • Top Affiliate IDs
  • Ad history (so you can see whether the offer is trending up or down)

Affiliate Networks

Spy Hero shows offers from multiple affiliate networks, like:

  • Clickbank
  • Maxweb
  • Digistore24
  • And others


Our reports will give you info about what is working right now on Facebook:

  • Popular Headlines: which headlines are the top affiliates using, broken down by niche and timeframe
  • Popular Ad Copy: top ad copy working right now, broken down by niche and timeframe
  • Popular Creatives: The top Images and Videos working right now
  • Popular Fan Pages: The fan pages running the most profitable ads
  • Popular Landing Pages: The best and most profitable landing pages, broken down by niche and timeframe
  • Popular Landing Page Headlines: The best headlines used on landing pages
  • Popular Affilate IDs: The top affiliate ids making the most money on Facebook; then you can see at a glance all their ads, fan pages and landing pages
  • Popular Offers: the top offers working right now
  • Popular Pixels: Our software will scan all landing pages looking for the Facebook pixel id, so you can find all pages run by the top affiliates, even if they are using proxies
  • Popular Keywords: The top keywords used on ads


Add your own alerts and get notified on a daily basis for any new ads from a specific fan page, or a specific affiliate id. Never miss any new ads published by the top affiliates on Facebook, and get all info in real time.

You will get all notifications inside the website, and on the mobile app, for easier and quicker access.


Add ads, pages and landers to your own list, so you can get back to them quickly.